As far as the eye can see

As far as the eye can see

Yep, that there’s our little patch of heaven on a sunny spring Saturday. You’d never know we had a massive dump of wet, heavy snow just a few days ago that decimated trees throughout the region and left everyone reeling for about 24 hours.

We’d recently placed a couple of fairly mature flowering cherries around the house only to find them busted to pieces under the weight of the early spring snow (they’d exploded into flower early due to the quickly warming weather and so had a lot of leafy, blossomy mass to catch and hold the thick, slushy flakes — when I saw them in the morning, their limbs were all bent to the ground with the main supports cracked and broken). Our mature poplar groves also suffered quite a bit of broken crowns and limbs — fortunately, the rest of the trees scattered around the property (various fruits & nuts, ash, alder, oak and some recently established swathes of native NZ planting) came through mostly unscathed.

(*knock on wood, literally*)

Other area residents weren’t so lucky and we heard horror stories of old, historic oaks split in half, driveways blocked by fallen birches and elms, and well-established cherry orchards in shambles. Though, I do have to admit, the loss of our two flowering cherries hit me hard, even though they’d been in my life for only about six weeks. They were gorgeous trees and I was looking forward to growing old with them.


  • Kristina Mellinger Smallhorn