Almond Joy

After we had the late winter / early spring snow dump, I was afraid that our almond trees were toast for the year — they’d just been starting to come out in bloom when the snow hit.

Fortunately, mother nature is hardier than I’d anticipated.


I’ve actually been impressed with just how *well* all our fruit and nut trees are doing, especially considering it’s the first spring for every single one of them — yet the amount of new branching, buds and leaves is a pleasant surprise. We have thriving almonds, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, prunes, walnuts, apples, pears, quince, plumcot, crabapple, chestnuts, mulberry, hazelnut, and even a lone persimmon.

The persimmon is the sole specimen that appears to be flagging (well, beyond the figs that never even made it out of the temporary nursery and into the ground — not the right climate for them at. all. — but hey, I thought I’d give it at least a try?).

I’ll lavish the struggling persimmon with love and attention this spring and summer and we’ll see what happens.

*UPDATE (October 9, 2016) — The persimmon is alive! I about fell over in a dead faint when I checked on it the other day and it had green buds covering its formerly-known-as-dead little limbs. I obviously have a lot to learn about patience and trees.

In not so great news, every single one of my peach trees is suffering from leaf curl. Some worse than others. We copper sprayed in late winter but it doesn’t seem to have had the slightest effect.