Plus & Minus

Plus & Minus

For every couple of trees we have to take down, there are other trees going up (or, What Comes Down Must Go Back Up).

Pictured are some Atlantic Cedars being planted along the driveway, in back of some English Oaks that tenaciously clung to life despite years of neglect.

When we purchased the property, there were extensive areas of “exotic” trees (i.e. English countryside style rather than anything native to New Zealand) planted throughout — but planted is about all that happened. No one paid any attention to them once they were in the ground and a lot of them died from improper placement (areas that were too wet or too rocky), harsh winds, unusually dry summers, etc.

So what we have left is definitely what you’d consider “hardy” — they may not look like hothouse flowers, but they know how to battle the wind, heat and frost and come out on top.

Those two oaks to the left are part of the survivor team. The three Atlantic Cedars on the right are trees we’ve brought in to replace other poor stragglers in that area that fought the good fight but ultimately didn’t make it (alas).