Old Man Pines (or, Old Man & Pines)

Old Man pines

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up of the farm land and hillsides, though step by step and little by little, otherwise it becomes an overwhelming task (I have a seriously newfound respect for the farmers of this world — the work is, literally, never done and marches one day into another until it becomes just a blur of steady tasks).

There were some old, massive pines by our paddocks that had lost most of their branches to some kind of tree rot, leaving them top-heavy and possibly unstable come future windstorms, which we experience *a lot* in our area — you know, the kind that leave downed trees and area-wide power outages in their wake.

So we figured it would be wiser to have them felled professionally rather than allow them to topple over on their own (while taking down whatever happens to be in their path at that unfortunate moment). We were under the naive assumption that we might be able to utilise them for future firewood — until they were actually on the ground and sawn into sections.

Holy maloly, but those things are big.

We’re selling them on to a company that purchases logs by the tonne, instead.