Almost ski season in the southern alps

It’s been raining near non-stop for the past week while also getting colder and colder with each passing day (my former spring/summer is my new autumn/winter — sometimes it gets really confusing, for example, Christmas in the middle of blazing hot summer) until I woke up this morning to the surrounding mountains full of snow.


The ski fields open on June 11th. There are going to be a lot of very happy snowbunnies if this kind of white-overnight-dump keeps up.

UPDATE (July 17th, 2016): The early snow didn’t last and ski fields here in the south island were parched for snowfall until just this past weekend when, thankfully for all the snowheads in town, we finally got a proper dump of the stuff. Looks like it might actually hold, too.

It makes for slower going on our house-build, however. All that rain and mud in the lowlands puts construction work in veritable slo-mo.


  • Stunning photo Nathan – your writing and imagery were the perfect compliment to my morning cup of tea here in country NSW…. ‘while also taking my own mid-life stabs at a range of activities I know precious little about’ made me almost inhale my English Breakfast…. he, he! Have a brilliant day!

    • Thanks, Paddy. Nice of you to stop by and leave a comment. If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I’d be living on a former sheep farm in the south island of New Zealand, I’d have told them they were crazy — I guess my rural upbringing in the midwest US has come in handy after all. Looking forward to visiting countryside Australia soon (though the whisky distilleries in Tassie are threatening to hog all my time and attention).