Heading into spring

The weather has made a turn for the better — longer days and warmer temps — which is just in time for the insulation to go into the roof.

Putting in the insulation

We chose a New Zealand natural wool insulation product instead of going the usual fibreglass route — wool is easy for the builders to handle, no masks or gloves required because there are no worries about the potential irritants and carcinogens associated with fibreglass matting. We figured that if we’re going to design a house that’s comfortable to live in, then it would be polite on our part to also make it as pleasant as possible to build. Ditching the fibreglass insulation was a good step in that direction.

And one of the construction team got himself a puppy, which he brings to the site — a New Zealand Huntaway cross, I believe. Not sure what he’s crossed with . . . a Border Collie, maybe? Whatever his mix, he’s cute as all get out and a lot of fun to take on walks.


Stubborn, of course, as all puppies are (“No, that rotting rabbit carcass is not lunch, and yes, the leash is for walking and not for games of impromptu tug of war”) but when you’re accompanied by such boundless enthusiasm and giddy puppy energy, it’s easy to take it all in stride.