The (other side of the) ceiling

After some frustrating supply hiccups, the other half of the house ceiling is up and looking good. The wood is recycled rimu, supported by trusses fashioned out of recycled Australian ironwood.

Yeah, we have to ignore all the temporary support beams and other construction-site obstacles in order to imagine how the house is going to look once it’s all done, but hey . . . every step forward is a welcome one. A big bonus is that the crew working on the project seem to really enjoy the ability to sink their teeth into good old-fashioned woodwork.

Below, Paul Rogers (one half of the Rogers Brothers construction company and the personal head honcho on our build) gives me a guided tour of the work so far.


And we’re nearing the end of winter! The days are getting longer and warmer, and the long slog of mushy, muddy conditions on the build site may finally start to clear up. Not to mention that it’s just getting nicer in general to wander the property and take in the views.

Below is a shot looking out across our fence line and toward the far horizon.

Controlled burn

And though the trees are still bare, the ubiquitous sheep enjoy the increase of sunlight and available pasture for grazing. Soon, it will be time for lambing.

The fleecy trinity