Almond Harvest, 2017

Oh yeah, it was a banner year for almonds on the farm, lemme tell ya.

But the trees are still very young, and this is at least ten times the size of our sparse hazelnut harvest a month ago.

It’s a good thing we’re not dependent on our fruit and nut trees for survival. It would be a harsh bitter winter indeed if that were the case, especially as all our peach trees took a dive into mould and fungul disaster this season due to the overly long, cold and wet spring.

I think I got about three edible peaches from ten trees (though, to be honest, our property likely isn’t the best location for peach trees — too short a growing season with late spring frosts and an early winter onset; I might end up getting rid of our peach trees entirely, the poor things. They shoot horses, don’t they?).

But our plum harvest was awesome, which is a small comfort. We ate delicious fresh plums for weeks. I even gave a bunch away, the bounty was so plentiful.

The birds, however, ate every single one of my cherries. The bitches.